Abstract Artist

based in Southern California.

Abstract Artist

based in Southern California.

Welcome to Artrapane

Karen “KT” Trapane is an abstract artist based in Southern California. She is self-taught and painting has become her passion. Her art is inspired by nature and is often a direct reflection of her thoughts and emotions. Her composition and use of color can sometimes be elaborate or quite simple, but as she explains, “…it’s just how my mind works.”

Her journey of self-discovery through paints and canvas began five years ago and since then much of her life has changed dramatically. She finds solace and happiness in her home surrounded by nature with space to breathe, an on-site art studio, and what she calls “the best kitchen in town” where she also enjoys creating meals for her friends and family.

KT is no stranger to the arts though. She danced from a young age and has always loved to sing and has been in several bands performing all over the country and for thousands of people. KT has experienced firsthand just how much peace, growth, healing, and joy can be found in art and she wants to help others on their own journeys of self-discovery.

KT is currently single, has two grown children, an actor and a mechanic, two dogs and a tortoise.

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