About Karen

Karen “KT” Trapane is an abstract artist based in Southern California.  Her journey with painting began about five years ago and has become her primary passion.  KT is no stranger to the arts.  She danced from a young age until early adulthood and has always loved to sing.  She has been in several bands throughout her adulthood performing all over the country and for tens of thousands of people.  She can still be seen today, on occasion, performing in a bar, or casino or at a private event.

KT is a self-taught artist.   Her art, while mostly inspired by nature, is very intuitive and her paintings are a direct reflection of her thoughts and emotions.  Her composition and use of color can sometimes be elaborate but, as she explains, “…it’s just how my mind works.”  She is still finding her artistic voice, so she explores different painting styles to discover what feels best.  Often times she either paints leaving a lot of white space or no white space at all.  She relates that to her life in that while she loves connecting with people, she often needs a lot of alone time, white space. Her journey of self-discovery, through art, really took off in 2019 when everything in her life changed.  She lost her family dog, ended her relationship, and moved from the beach to horse country.   Her father was battling lung cancer and she found herself dissatisfied with her job.  “The Villa”, as she calls her home, has been the best change for her emotional well-being and her creativity.  She is surrounded by nature, has space to breathe, an on-site studio and what she calls “the best kitchen in town” where she also enjoys creating meals for her friends and family.

KT not only wants to paint; she wants to make a difference.  She recently started her on-line event series, Art &… “It is a virtual happy hour where we will learn about artists, musicians and other people around the country who are compelling and inspirational.  It is her way, she says, of “bringing us all together.” She explains that she really dislikes talking about herself so she decided she would host the event and promote those in her sphere, that are positive, inspirational, and have amazing stories of self-discovery, reinvention, and giving to others to make the world a better place.  The event is free for everyone who registers and there will be opportunities to learn and buy her artwork, donate tips to the musicians, and be exposed to the amazing people who KT knows.  “When the world opens up again, I will travel around the country holding these events in person…so get ready, here I come,” she beams. KT is currently single, has two grown children, an actor and a mechanic, two dogs and a tortoise.


KT’s on-line event series, Art &…

“It is a virtual happy hour to connect with artists, musicians and other compelling people around the country. It is my way of bringing us all together.”

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